Hello and welcome to Gifts-from-Heaven.com.  My name is Amber Lee Jean and I will be your host and guide during your stay.  You can find out more about me: my story, my interests, just me in general in the Web Angel’s Island [Link] section of the site.  All the other sections of Gifts-from-Heaven are dedicated to different areas of the metaphysical and spiritual world that I have experience with.
This website can be used in many ways… as a resource, a learning tool, however it is you choose to use the information herein, I do hope that it helps you in some way.  Please understand that my deepest held profound belief is that each and every person is different.  What works for me right now, may not work for everyone, but for some it may indeed be the exact key they are looking for.  I believe that beliefs are a life-long evolutionary journey.  I know for a fact that many of the things written about in these pages are things I had no concept of five years ago – some of them even things I didn’t believe in at all seven or ten years ago.  It is in watching and documenting my own continually evolving belief systems that I have come to know for a fact that the most important thing for any of us to do, is to honor ourselves and our beliefs unconditionally.  So, as you read what I’ve written here, take what feels right, ditch what doesn’t, and remember – all paths are different, all paths are perfect, all paths are exactly where the pathfinder should be.

So! Without further adieu, Please enter my library….